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How is Hair Removal Done?

All you need to know about permanent hair removal will be explained and discussed in this guide.

Describe laser hair removal.

The use of laser in the removal of permanent hair is called laser hair removal. There is intense laser beam pulsation with the use of laser treatment that renders the hair follicle inactive. A single treatment session with laser cannot remove body hair instead additional sessions are needed.

These are the preparations when you undergo laser hair removal.
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The first step to laser hair removal is consultation. Consultation with an experienced dermatologist must be done prior to laser hair removal.
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During consultation, the dermatologist will ask about your medical history and assess your skin for suitability to laser hair removal. There must be full disclosure of the risks and the benefits of the treatment option to give you the information you need in making a decision. Certain medications may be contraindicated as well as if you underwent forced tanning, you must wait for your complexion to return to normal before the procedure. A couple of days prior to your laser hair removal procedure, you must shave the target area to be treated. There must be short and visible hair in the area to be treated so that laser treatment becomes effective.

The process of laser hair removal.

The treatment of laser uses the pulsating beam of light to heat up and render inactive the hair follicles as mentioned earlier. Although one session of laser hair removal may affect a large number of hair follicles, subsequent sessions are required for the results to be visible because the differences in hair growth and length must be considered. It may be necessary to require multiple sessions of hair removal using laser as the treatment modality because only those hair in active growth stages are affected.

Hair follicles are heated when for a fraction of a second, the hand held laser that is pressed to your skin is activated by the Doctor during you laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal has undergone modifications like the attachment of cooling devices in some hand held lasers to minimize damage to skin.

Once hair is removed though laser treatment, will it grow back?

There irreparable damage to the follicles when you undergo laser hair removal treatment such that hair growth is no longer feasible and becomes permanent. The permanent damage of laser to the hair follicles is the reason why hair is unable to grow. It is noteworthy that the destruction of the hair follicles will not leave a mark or hole in the skin. A smooth surface will be left when the skin where the hair once grew closes. There is no need to worry that the removed hair will grow because once the skin closes where the damaged follicle was situated, there will be no supporting structure to which hair can be able to grow back.