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Appliances on the Brink of Destruction

I think my house might be cursed, because I’ve been needing appliance repair in Sacramento for the past month. The first thing to stop working was my washing machine, and I had only been using it for a year. A small part in the machine had broken that kept the drum on the inside from spinning, which meant that it couldn’t wash anything or spin away the water. There was a manual for how to repair this part online, but I really didn’t have the tools, time, or patience to do the repair job myself, so I just called the repair company.

After the washing machine was fixed, my freezer stopped working. I moved some of the foods to the refrigerator and turned it down to the coldest temperature. Things like ice cream turned into liquid. My ice cubes melted, and my meats were no longer frozen, so I had to use some of them much quicker than I anticipated. I called the repair company once again and they used their tools to fix the freezer. I offered the repair man some liquid ice cream but he declined, telling me that he was lactose intolerant.

The next appliance to break was my stove. I turned on my oven to roast a chicken one day, and the oven would not get hot. The heating element was cool to the touch. I had to cut the chicken up and cook it in my crock pot. I called the repair man over to have a look, and he replaced the heating element with a new one. The heating element was attached in such a way that in order to get it out, some disassembly had to be done from the inside of the oven. If I had to take a guess, I think that the next thing to break will be my microwave.