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How to Make a Room Look Larger

There are a number of simple solutions that can make a room look larger than it really is. Most are extremely affordable and easy to set up. Small rooms can become dark and claustrophobic if the decor scheme is poor and various interior features are underdeveloped. By including the tips I give below, you can soon make any room look larger whether you have a small budget or not. A number of improvements that make a room look larger can also be safely implemented in rented accommodation where major adjustments to the interior walls and floors are often frowned upon.

The best way I have found to make a room look larger is the addition of mirrors. In a small room, whether a living room, bedroom or bathroom, a series of mirrors will provide the visual effect of more space and light. One of the best places to fix a mirror is opposite the entry way to a room. This will give the illusion of a larger room when you or a visitor enter the interior space. The simple mirror effect makes a room look larger and can be achieved with mirrors big or small, cheap or expensive. Just a couple are needed to really bring about the desired look and create an added sense of depth to a room.

For people who own their own home and can gain planning permission, one great way to make a room look larger is by creating a new window. Large picture windows allow in extra light and provide a visual range outside to the garden, a scenic view or just onto the front road. Depending on privacy and costs, this implementation will make a room look larger and also brighter which is especially apt for the winter months.

Cut-throughs also provide an interior architecture option when it comes to making a room look bigger. If you have a dinning room next to the kitchen or living room, you can knock down part of the wall to make two rooms into one larger space. This is what I have personally done in many homes I have lived in and the effect is tremendous for making a room look larger. That said, one must insure that the wall is not vital in holding up the house. Check with a qualified designer or builder before going through with this.

Furniture and how it is arranged is an important aspect of making any type of room look larger. It is usually the case that in a living room, the table or sofa becomes the center of attention. This can be modified whereby the room is broken into smaller gathering spaces which involve accent or coffee tables being highlighted by small rugs which in a way define the new spaces. Instead of having large items of furniture creating weight in a room, the more smaller items spaced in groups will make the room look larger.

Finally, another way to make a room look larger is through the use of wall murals or photographic prints. These are a popular choice with the advancement of printing technology and can be customised so they fill an entire wall. For example, you can have a scene of cornfields on a summers day taking up an entire wall which will give an optical illusion of making the room look larger than it really is. Different colors of paint will also make an interior brighter or more energetic which again creates the feeling of more space.

There are many more ways to make a room look larger than it really is and these can be explored in more detail by browsing Interior Design magazines, television programs and perusing style websites online.

Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss is a professional Interior Designer with a passion for sharing advice on decorating rooms and spaces. He puts his knowledge and experience to good use on his website Home Interior Design Themes which is a goldmine for people seeking tips and inspiration when decorating their homes.